Wishing for better gift ideas?

Wishing for better gift ideas?
20/10/2019 Gaby

We have had the pleasure to help Trina Scott-Priestly create the brand identity for her new business venture Swishforit.

A universal online wish list, where the user can save everything they have seen, love and want to buy. Simply save, organise and share, ready to purchase at the click of a button.

With Christmas fast approaching do you feel slightly over whelmed by the idea of having to think, source and buy gifts for family and friends alike? I know I do especially when work can become extremely busy during the lead up to Christmas. Somehow all the best intentions to plan ahead go out of the window and once again end up panic buying from Amazon yet again!!!!

So with great excitement I wait for the website to go live so that I can start creating my Christmas Shopping list, browsing at my pleasure for ideas for gifts that will fill my family and friends with joy and excitement this yuletide.

For more information about Swishforit or to register go to www.swishforit.com