It’s that time of year again….!!!

It’s that time of year again….!!!
20/10/2019 Gaby

Christmas Cards are a great way to connect with your clients and customers. Especially when you make it personal with a card that has been designed using your brand identity; logo, typeface and colours.

We love to use online printing company MOO who really do know how to produce the final card that you’ll be happy to send out. You could always send out a small gift too….we could help you brand that, no problem.

Alternatively if you’d like to be a bit digital – we can create for a you an e-card that clients will be emailed……

We have a handy list of ideas below of other ways to get some sparkle into your brand.

Add Christmas Flair to Your Branding 

Adjust your logo and social media profile pictures to incorporate elements associated with Christmas and use it throughout the season, both online and in any printed media; but make sure it doesn’t negatively influence brand recognition. 

Reward Your Social Media Fans

Thank your loyal followers by offering Christmas vouchers or coupons.

Offer helpful hints and tips – how to survive the festive season

Ideas like how to wrap presents successfully….how to host a staff party

Launch a Christmas specific email marketing campaign

The holiday season is a good time to boost your email marketing strategy, with a focused campaign to highlight specific products and offers and to share important information relevant to the season, such as extended trading hours, etc. A “12 Days of Christmas” campaign might seem cliched, but aside from being thematically fitting, it lends itself very well to time-limited offers, and the ability to create a sense of urgency. Alternatively, style it like an advent calendar.

Create some fun email subject lines

The subject line of your marketing email messages should always stand out and encourage your clients to open the message. 

Support or sponsor a charity Christmas event

Christmas is a time for giving so look to be involved in some local charity events “look at the good work we’re doing”

Host a Christmas Breakfast or lunch

Hosting a Christmas breakfast or lunch for a local retirement centre or children’s home can easily attract the attention of the local media, giving your business free publicity, while at the same time bringing a bit of seasonal joy to those in need. You could even approach other small businesses to provide gifts, turning this into more of a community project that benefits more than just your own business.

Give ideas to your clients about gift giving and gift ideas

Everyone needs some help with gift ideas – always brilliant to share ideas and thoughts. Perhaps you may have products you can promote to your clients.

And finally don’t forget the holiday décor and atmosphere

Finally, you don’t want to neglect creating the right atmosphere for this time of the year. While our first point covered adding Christmas flair to your branding, this point is about incorporating Christmas flair into your business as a whole. We’re not suggesting anything that resembles a wedding reception for Liberace and Elizabeth Taylor, but some seasonal decor will seldom look out of place. At the very least consider providing a gift wrapping service, or offering your customers a mug of hot chocolate, or other seasonal drink on entering your business. Naturally what you do depends on both your budget, and what would be appropriate to the bulk of your audience. Just ensure you have a plan to remove it all once the holiday is over.