How to launch a new website?

How to launch a new website?
20/10/2019 Gaby

With the launch of our new website it got us thinking about the best ways to make sure we’re promoting it as much as we can. So how do you promote a new website? Here are a few ideas that we think may work….

  1. Send out a Press Release – you don’t have to be a brilliant copy writer just make sure you create a story that has an angle, something that you think people would be interested in. 
  2. Schedule a couple posts for every social media account you have – keep your posts chatty, interesting and to the point. If you can include images of your new website that’s great, it builds interest and curiosity.
  3. Emphasize new features and promote a tweet and Facebook post – new elements to the website that clients may find helpful tells a good story, video clips and animated GIFS, help to promote new tools on your website
  4. Create a blog post about what’s changed and any refocusing you’ve done on the site – this is such an obvious thing to do, but yes it is such a good idea to actually tell your audience what has changed and why
  5. Use a popup plug-in on your website to engage with new visitors – great for collecting email addresses for a newsletter or for feedback…the sky’s the limit!
  6. Send out an email telling your existing customers and fans about what’s changed – this is such a simple way to directly communicate with your clients …try and include links to various pages of your website that you think clients may find helpful
  7. Create a game around a hidden word on the new site – quite fun!! Remember – Where’s Wally?! Everyone loves to be a kid again! Make your audience smile and give them a treat if they find it. Maybe some free products or some of your time to help them.
  8. Edit your email signature and add “Check out our new website!”, linking to the new site – again such a simple idea but very effective
  9. Recognise that “new” is relative, and keep playing it up for a month or so – we all know that feeling of the time taken to get the new website live (from conception to completion). You may feel a bit tired of your new website when it goes live but remember it BRAND new to everyone else… keep pushing it like you’ve seen it before …keep up the good work…don’t give up after day one!

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