The Garden Corporate Catering Company


Branding and Web Design


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The Garden Corporate Catering Company

Branding and Website Design

During the global pandemic, owners of ‘The Garden Corporate Catering’ quickly identified that a new part of their catering offering could be home delivery. They came to us asking whether we could help them create a sub-brand ‘At Home’. 

We created a brand logo and supporting strapline that used their master brand logo – The Garden – with an addition of ‘At Home’ to create the sub-brand. We then developed a brand feel for the home delivery service, introducing a brand ‘wallpaper’ pattern and colour palette. 

We helped our client with the design of a website landing page, an App design to brief their developer, social media adverts, packaging and menu inserts, door drop flyers and posters.

The best part – sampling their delicious meals. What a treat! Thank you Alison and Graham.


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