Subzero Bobsleigh Racing


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The Client

Subzero Bobsleigh Racing

The launch of a brand new company

The success of the coordinated bobsleigh race for ITV1’s Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway Show gave Subzero Directors the idea to create this experience and bring it to the corporate and charity auction world.

We were asked to look at creating a brand identity that encapsulated the ‘adrenalin’ that a bobsleigh race delivers. We looked at using the ‘z’ of Subzero to create the twisting and turning….the bobsleigh track. With simple use of black and chrome the feel is ‘cool’…your Olympic Experience. 

Following the brand identity we helped the team to create their brand values, key brand messages and brand drivers. We helped create a website and sales material to bring their experiences to auction companies and corporate agencies offering their unique packages to their clients.

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