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The Client


The launch of a brand new company

Kestia is the brainchild of business partners Gaynor Sbuttoni, who has over 30 years’ experience as a psychologist working with children and their families, and businesswoman Donna Gosling. They came up with the concept for Kestia after combining their knowledge, their mutual understanding of the importance of family and relationships and their observations of family issues.

They approached us as they needed brand direction from the very start, not knowing what and how to arrive at giving their business idea a visual identity. This started with mood boards and visual concepts to help them identity key brand messages and values.

We created their logo and supporting marketing materials, taking them on a very steep learning curve and helping them with every challenge they found.

Complete with social media, a stunning website, brochures, packaging and various PR campaigns Kestia is now well on it’s way to establishing itself.

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