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The Client

Fitz Fahey Academy

Launching a new brand

Sarah Fitzharris and Nick Fahey, Practice Owners of Woodborough House Dental Practice, wanted to launch an international faculty dedicated to providing education and mentoring to dental professionals called the Fitz Fahey Academy.

Nick and Sarah wanted the new brand to demonstrate the expertise of Fitz Fahey Academy through a strong, surgical, engineering design style plus a reference to their kiwi roots using a Maori colour or symbol.

The new branding uses the combination of black, white and green and includes the Maori symbol, the koru – the unfurling fern frond. It has a clinical feel that is appropriate for the target audience of dental professionals worldwide.

The Fitz Fahey Academy has begun to build a digital presence through social media channels which we have helped them develop. Longer term, Nick and Sarah plan to launch a FFA website. 


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